Fabian Ostermann

Room: OH14 / 234
Phone: +49 231 755-7742
E-Mail: fabian.ostermanntu-dortmund.de

Research interests (Forschungsinteressen)

  • Computer Music and Algorithmic Music Composition
  • (Generative) Artificial Intelligence
  • Procedural Content Generation (for Games)

Teaching (Lehre)



  • in progress


Articles (peer reviewed)


  • Modellierung des menschlichen Musikgeschmacks mit neuronalen Netzen
    Fabian Ostermann
    Master-Thesis, TU Dortmund, 2021

Project Pages

  • EAR Drummer (Github) (Demo material)
    EAR Drummer is a interactive music system that generates rhythmical drum patterns and bass lines. It produces midi output that provides backing music to accompany a Jazz soloist in realtime. It uses Evolutionary Computing, is fully Autonomous and Reacts to midi input.
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