Christopher Morris

Room: 238
Phone: +49 231 755-7707
Fax: +49 231 755-7740

Research Interests

  • Machine learning with graphs,
  • Algorithm Engineering, Algorithmic Data Analysis
  • Combinatorial optimization and graph algorithms

Collaborative Research Center SFB 876 - Providing Information by Resource-Constrained Data Analysis

Resource-efficient Graph Mining

Fun Fact: My Erdős number is at most 4 (via Petra Mutzel → Peter Eades → Michel-Marie Deza → P. Erdős)


Refereed Conference Articles

  • Hierarchical Graph Representation Learning with Differentiable Pooling (Preprint arXiv:1806.08804)
    Rex Ying, Jiaxuan You, Christopher Morris, Xiang Ren, William L. Hamilton, Jure Leskovec.
    Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2019, spotlight presentation, and KDD Deep Learning Day 2018.

Refereed Journal Articles

Preprints and Working Papers

  • Weisfeiler and Leman Go Neural: Higher-order Graph Neural Networks (Preprint arXiv:1810.02244)
    Christopher Morris, Martin Ritzert, Matthias Fey, William L. Hamilton, Jan Eric Lenssen, Gaurav Rattan, Martin Grohe


Supervised Students

  • Marcel Walker (BT, 2016): Dimensionsreduktion von Merkmalsvektoren für explizite Graphkerne
  • Christopher Osthues (BT, 2016): Experimenteller Vergleich von Labeling-Verfahren für Graphkerne
  • Serdar Ayaz (BT, 2016): Approximation des Weisfeiler-Lehman-Isomorphie-Tests durch Sampling
  • Franka Bause (BT, 2017): Approximation der Editierdistanz für Graphen in linearer Zeit
  • Ryan Ladwig (Student intern from NAU, 2017): Design and Implementation of k-disk Graph Kernels

Sommersemester 2018

Wintersemester 2017/18

Sommersemester 2017

Wintersemester 2016/17

Sommersemester 2016

Wintersemester 2015/16

Benchmark Data Sets

Bibliography of (Supervised) Graph Classification


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