Best poster award at the GCB 2012

PhD candidates Corinna Ernst (Genome Informatics, Uni Essen) and Marcel Martin (Chair 11, TU Dortmund), both supervised by Sven Rahmann (Uni Essen, previously Chair 11) share second place for their posters presented at the German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB) in Jena.

Corinna's poster “An Efficient Data Structure for Pangenomes” shows how to represent the differences and commonalities among the DNA sequences of all genomes of a species in a memory-efficient and meaningful way.

Marcel's poster “Alignment of flowgrams to strings” describes his work on automatic error-correction for DNA sequencing technologies that use so-called “flowgrams” as an intermediate representation of DNA.

Although only a single second place was going to be awarded, the jury decided otherwise when both posters received an equal number of votes in two consecutive rounds of voting.

From left to right: Sven Rahmann, Corinna Ernst, Marcel Martin and Dominik Kopcynski (also Chair 11)

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