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   * [[rudolph:​start|Computational Intelligence]] <​html><​br/>​   * [[rudolph:​start|Computational Intelligence]] <​html><​br/>​
     <​small>​Prof. Rudolph</​small></​html>​     <​small>​Prof. Rudolph</​small></​html>​
-  * [[vahrenhold:​start|Computer Science ​Education]] <​html><​br/>​ +  * [[fischer:start|Algorithmic Foundations and Education in Computer Science]] <​html><​br/>​ 
-    <​small>​ </​small></​html>​+    <​small>​Prof. Fischer</​small></​html>​
   * [[http://​www.rahmannlab.de/​|Bioinformatics for High-Throughput Technologies]]<​html><​br/> ​   * [[http://​www.rahmannlab.de/​|Bioinformatics for High-Throughput Technologies]]<​html><​br/> ​
     <​small>​Prof. Rahmann</​small></​html>​     <​small>​Prof. Rahmann</​small></​html>​
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