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 +====== StarCraft AI Competition @ CIG 2010 ======
 +{{:​rts-competition:​rts-competition-logo.jpg?​170 |}}
 +Together with the **Game Systems and Interaction Research Laboratory**
 +of the **Blekinge Institute of Technology** (Sweden), the CI group of **Chair 11** organizes a 
 +[[rts-competition:​starcraft-cig2010|StarCraft AI Competition]] at the
 +[[http://​game.itu.dk/​cig2010|IEEE Computational Intelligence in Games Conference 2010]].
 +Any flavor of bots is allowed, no algorithmic/​strategic constraints apply. However, ​
 +winning the game on a generated 64x64 map against another bot is the task.
 +Please let us know that you plan to submit a bot until June 30. 
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