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 +====== New Book on Experimental Methods ======
 +[[http://​www.springerlink.com/​content/​v56k12|{{http://​www.springerlink.com/​content/​v56k12/​cover-medium.gif |}}]]
 +Together with Thomas Bartz-Beielstein,​ Marco Chiarandini and Luis Paquete, Mike Preuss of the
 +[[http://​ls11-www.cs.tu-dortmund.de/​rudolph/​start|Computational Intelligence group]] of Prof. Rudolph has edited (and partly authored) a book that
 +summarizes most of the new developments in experimental methods for the analysis of optimization
 +[[http://​www.springerlink.com/​content/​v56k12|Experimental Analysis book on SpringerLink]]
 +The book contains various diverse approaches and is mainly intended for scientists working in the areas of  Computational Intelligence,​ Machine Learning, Metaheuristics,​ and Operations Research. Next to forewords by Catherine C. McGeoch and Hans-Paul Schwefel, it contains e.g. contributions by Jack P.C. Kleijnen, Jürg Hüsler, and Thomas Stützle, and also a chapter by Markus Chimani (now Jena) and Karsten Klein of the [[http://​ls11-www.cs.tu-dortmund.de/​mutzel/​start|Algorithm Engineering group]].
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