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 +====== New EURO Journal on Computational Optimization ======
 +The [[http://​www.springer.com/​business+%26+management/​operations+research/​journal/​13675|EURO Journal on Computational Optimization]] is about to start. The editorial management system has already been set-up, papers can be submitted from now on.
 +The new Journal will be run by the [[http://​www.euro-online.org/​web/​pages/​1/​home |EURO association]],​ and has been set up to publish original research articles in which Operations Research and Computer Science are connected. Submissions on advanced applications in computational optimization focusing on mathematical models, methodologies,​ or computational results are welcome. The [[http://​www.springer.com/​business+%26+management/​operations+research/​journal/​13675?​detailsPage=editorialBoard|editorial board]] consists of leading international scientists of the optimization community. Editor-in-Chief is Professor Dr. Martine Labbe from Universite Libre de Brussels, Professor Dr. Petra Mutzel has been appointed as editor.
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