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 +====== Cover Feature for our work on virtual molecule library ====== 
 +{{ :​mutzel:​chemmedchem-coverfeaturechipmunksbildneu2018-journal.jpg?​direct&​200 | https://​onlinelibrary.wiley.com/​doi/​full/​10.1002/​cmdc.201800126#​ }}Jointly with the group of Oliver Koch (Medizinische Chemie, CCB) we got the Cover Feature  
 +for the June 2018 edition of ChemMedChem presenting our work on  
 +the new virtual molecule library CHIPMUNK. The library contains about 100 million small molecules 
 +that have been generated with in silicon reactions on accessible building blocks and analysed with  
 +their profile. The artwork (three chipmunks analysing the molecule library) has been produced by Melanie Winkelmann (MPI of Molecular Physiology). More information can  be found in: [[https://​onlinelibrary.wiley.com/​doi/​full/​10.1002/​cmdc.201800126#​ |Lina Humbeck, Sebastian Weigang, Till Schäfer, Petra Mutzel, Oliver Koch, CHIPMUNK: A Virtual Synthesizable Small‐Molecule Library for Medicinal Chemistry, Exploitable for Protein–Protein Interaction Modulators, ChemMedChem 6/2018]].
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