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 +====== Cliff Stein ======
 +Im Rahmen der [[http://​vierzig.cs.tu-dortmund.de/​|40-Jahr Feier]] wird Professor [[http://​www.columbia.edu/​~cs2035/​|Cliff Stein]] von der Columbia University (NY) und Autor des Buches Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein: "​Introduction to Algorithms"​ drei Tage bei uns zu Gast sein. 
 +Er eröffnet die Feier am 31.1. um 10 Uhr in OH 14, E23 mit seinem Vortrag "Green Scheduling",​ der auch für Studierende der TU Dortmund offen ist. Zusammenfassung:​
 +In many current computing environments,​ the management of energy is an important consideration. Just as CPU time, memory and disk are constraints on computing, so too is power consumption. Power usage also comes with environmental and economic costs.
 +In this talk, we will discuss how scheduling decisions are now made with attention payed to both quality of service and energy usage. We will particularly focus on some of the algorithmic problems that arise and discuss several results on online scheduling. We will then disucss one result in detail – scheduling to maximize profit in an environment where you receive a reward based on when a job completes and pay for the energy you use.
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