Benchmark Sets for the Paper

Compact Layered Drawings of General Directed Graphs (2016)

by Adalat Jabrayilov, Sven Mallach, Petra Mutzel, Ulf Ruegg, and Reinhard von Hanxleden

Collection of used AT&T Graphs with poor aspect ratio (below 0.5)

Description: The first set (ATTar) is an extraction of 146 acyclic AT&T graphs (see with at least 20 vertices with standard Sugiyama layouts having aspect ratio smaller than 0.5 (no trees). These graphs have between 20 and 99 vertices, between 20 and 168 arcs. Their arc to vertex relation density is about 1.5 on average but varies a lot (can reach up to 6.0).

Data Set ATTar

Randomly generated digraphs (not necessarily cyclic)

Description: The second benchmark set consists of 340 randomly generated not necessarily acyclic graphs with 17 to 100 vertices, 30 to 158 arcs, and 1.5 arcs per vertex. They have been generated with poor aspect ratio (below 0.5) in order to test the algorithms suggested in the paper. First, a number of vertices was created. Afterwards, for each vertex a random number of outgoing arcs (with arbitrary target) is created such that the overall number of arcs is 1.5 times the number of vertices.

Data Set Random

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