Jonas Ellert


Room: R. 208, Otto-Hahn-Straße 14
Phone: 0231-755-7780
Consultation hours: on appointment


  • pwm - Parallel and external memory construction of Wavelet Trees and Matrices
  • tudocomp - Lossless Compression Framework

Teaching (in German)



My Erdős number is at most 3 (via E. Rotenberg → C. Thomassen → P. Erdős).

My Dijkstra number is at most 4 (via D. Köppl → B. Möller → C. A. R. Hoare → E. W. Dijkstra).

Refereed Journals

  • Practical Wavelet Tree Construction
    Patrick Dinklage, Jonas Ellert, Johannes Fischer, Florian Kurpicz, Marvin Löbel
    ACM J. Exp. Algor. 26(1), Article No.: 1.8, pp 1–67

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Thesis Projects

  • Efficient Computation of Nearest Smaller Suffixes. PDF
    Winner of the 2020 FTI-Award for the best master's thesis in computer science.
    Master's thesis; supervised by Johannes Fischer and Florian Kurpicz
  • Matchings in bipartiten Graphen im Semi-Streaming Modell. PDF
    Bachelor's thesis; supervised by Nils Kriege and Petra Mutzel.
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