Tutorial for Introduction to Computational Intelligence (2014/2015)

This tutorial accompanies the lecture Introduction to Computational Intelligence by Prof. Günter Rudolph. The tutorial is given by Simon Wessing. Instruction language is English.

Organizer Simon Wessing
Modules AR-306, INF-BSc-305
Number 040310
Hours per week in term 1
Date and room Thu 16:00-17:30 h, Otto-Hahn-Str. 14, Room 104
Fri 14:15-15:45 h, Otto-Hahn-Str. 14, Room 104

The tutorial will be held in two groups. The first meetings will take place on 16 and 17 October. From then on, we will meet every two weeks. Topic of the first meeting will be organizational stuff, the first exercise sheet, and an introduction to R. Attendance at the R introduction is optional.

Exercise sheets

Number Block Assigned Due Discussion Comment
Sheet 0 16/17 Oct Introduction to R, bring your laptops if possible
Sheet 1 A 16 Oct 29 Oct 30/31 Oct
Sheet 2 A 30 Oct 12 Nov 13/14 Nov
Sheet 3 B 13 Nov 26 Nov 27/28 Nov
Sheet 4 B 27 Nov 10 Dec 11/12 Dec
Sheet 5 C 18 Dec 21 Jan 22/23 Jan
Sheet 6 C 22 Jan 4 Feb 5/6 Feb

Format of submissions

In general:

  • In each file/on each submission: name, tutorial group (1 for Thursday; 2 for Friday)
  • Preceding to each exercise: exercise number
  • Work together in groups of up to three people

Hand-written solutions on paper:

  • write legible
  • tack sheets
  • hand-over in office room 234, OH 14

Digital solutions:

  • combine solutions to all exercises (except source code) in one pdf file
  • send via e-mail, preferably from an e-mail address of the university, to
  • scanned hand-written sheets should be the exceptional case
  • put everything into a zip file named ci14_<number of exercise sheet>_g<group number>_<given name of each student>.zip

Source code:

  • in R
  • do not embed in pdf file
  • comment
  • avoid absolute paths
  • give a description in your pdf document: how to execute (including an example), basic functionality, document results (as e.g. graphics, tables)

Programming Exercises

Programming exercises must be completed in the programming language R. R is an interpreted language with rich capabilities for visualization and statistical analysis, and is open source. Some links:

Passing the Tutorial

The sheets are classified into 3 blocks according to the 3 main topics of the lecture. For passing the tutorial, you need to achieve at least 50% of each block. You are welcome to work together in teams of up to three persons. Each team member has to be able to present the solutions during the tutorial lessons. Your presence during these lessons is mandatory for passing the tutorial. You may be absent only one time without medical certificate.

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