Tutorial for Introduction to Computational Intelligence (2012/2013)

This tutorial accompanies the lecture Introduction to Computational Intelligence by Prof. Günter Rudolph. The tutorial is given by Simon Wessing. Instruction language is English.

Organizer Simon Wessing
Number: 040310
Hours per week in term 1
Date and room Wed, 08:30–10:00 h, MSW 16, Room E29
Wed, 12:15–13:45 h, OH14, Room 304
Wed, 16:15–17:45 h, MSW 16, Room E31

The tutorial will be held in three groups. The first meeting will take place on Wednesday, 24 October. From then on, we will meet every two weeks. Topic of the first meeting will be organizational stuff, the first exercise sheet, and an introduction to R. Attendance at the R introduction is optional.

Exercise sheets

Number Block Assigned Due Discussion Comment
Sheet 1 A 24 Oct 5 Nov 7 Nov
Sheet 2 A 7 Nov 19 Nov 21 Nov
Sheet 3 B 21 Nov 3 Dec 5 Dec
Sheet 4 B 5 Dec 17 Dec 19 Dec
Sheet 5 C 20 Dec 14 Jan 16 Jan
Sheet 6 C 16 Jan 28 Jan 30 Jan

Guidelines for working on the exercises

Programming Exercises

Programming exercises must be completed in the programming language R. R is an interpreted language with rich capabilities for visualization and statistical analysis, and is open source. Some links:

Passing the Tutorial

The sheets are classified into 3 blocks according to the 3 main topics of the lecture. You need to achieve at least 50% of each block. You are welcome to work together in teams of up to three persons. Each team member has to be able to present the solutions during the tutorial lessons. Your presence during these lessons is mandatory. You may be absent only one time without medical certificate.

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