CIG 2012 StarCraft RTS AI Competition Ruleset Overview

Software Requirements

All entries must use the latest BWAPI version (BWAPI version 3.7.3) and run under Windows 7. No exceptions. For each entry we need a DLL that can be used by chaoslauncher to start a game.

All source code and data files are to be provided to the competition organisers and will be made available to the public as free software with a license that is compatible with the GNU public license.

We reserve the right to reject entries if we feel the authors attempt to obfuscate their code (like using silly or deceiving variable names or encoding their algorithm in a 10MB FSM transition matrix stored on disk). Authors who are concerned about the source code leaking information that has not been published yet, are encouraged to submit a technical report to their institutions that describes their entries prior to submitting the code.


Each player can choose its race and will play complete games against other players. Each map is played as a two player game between two bots. The map sizes can vary between duel-size and large 8-player maps. Each match between two bots consists of ten consecutive maps. In difference to last year's competition: saved data is not cleared in-between maps to encourage bots to learn the strategies of their opponents. However, the fps limit (see below) is still in place and bots should NOT spend their time serialising data for the next match.

We planned the tournament based on last year's modus (we may have to adapt to the number of submissions though):

  1. The first round will consist of 2-4 groups with four bots each. We will play two matches for each combination. The one or two first bots will enter the next round.
  2. The winner if the final round will be the winner of this year's CIG Starcraft torunament

We will largely use a pool of maps widely used for internet gaming, as e.g. the maps of the International Cyber Cup, thus we recommend using some of these also for training your bots. A sample of training maps will be compiled and made available here soon. We are also considering using generated maps which might or might not be a bit ``special''. What you should take fro this paragraph is: be flexible about the maps! ;-)


All entry source code files, maps, and replay files will be made available here. For submitting an entry, create a zip file containing readme.txt that explains how to build your DLL and all necessary source and data files (including BWAPI and BWSAL, BWTA if necessary).

Technical Details
  • Games will be played on the highest speed possible (setLocalSpeed(0)). Please make sure that you use currentFrame() and not 'walltime' in any time critical function
  • Time limit per frame is 42ms. If your bot is excessively slow, it will be disqualified for that particular map. We are a bit more flexible with the first frame, in case your bot wants to initialise something. A time of a few seconds is tolerable, a minute however is not.
  • This contest has no entry fee, probably no other prices than fame, and is in no legal way associated with Blizzard Entertainment
  • The own the rights to Starcraft however
  • Bots that try to cheat or do malicious activities (trojan horses, viruses etc.) will be removed from the tournament
  • If the bot crashes Starcraft, it looses the map
  • Bots must not access the internet
  • Games will be organised and run by the tournament organisers
  • The following StarCraft bugs/tricks are permitted:
    • Plague on interceptor
    • Units pressed through
    • Drops to defuse mines
    • Mineral walk
    • Manner Pylon
    • Lurker hold position
    • Observer over turret
    • Stacking air units
  • All other bugs/exploits are forbidden. Bots caught attempted these exploits will be disqualified. This includes but is not limit to:
    • Flying drones and templars
    • Terran sliding buildings
    • Stacking ground units
    • Allied mines
    • Gas walk, to get through blocked entrances or ramps
  • Flaming is allowed ;-)

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