CIG 2011 StarCraft RTS AI Competition Ruleset Overview (Track A)

Software Requirements

All entries must use the latest BWAPI version as of July 1st, 2011 and run under Windows XP SP3. No exceptions. For each entry we need a DLL that can be used by chaoslauncher to start a game. One-click-installation proxy bots will also be permitted.

Unlike the first Starcraft AI competition, this year we demand that all source code and data files needed to compile and run the competition entries will be made available to the public as free software with a license that is compatible with the GNU public license.

We reserve the right to reject entries if we feel the authors attempt to obfuscate their code (like using silly or deceiving variable names or encoding their algorithm in a 10MB FSM transition matrix stored on disk). Authors who are concerned about the source code leaking information that has not been published yet, are encouraged to submit a technical report to their institutions that describes their entries prior to submitting the code.


Each player can choose its race and will play complete games against other players. We will hold round-robin tournaments (depending on the number of entries splitting the bots randomly into 2-4 groups) with 10 games per match and fixed time limit of 1h (to prevent endless games after resources are used up) after which the built-in StarCraft score decides the winner. The bot with the highest overall number of single-game victories is the winner of the track. See below for more info.

In between rounds storage will be cleared. I.e., any data written to disk will be removed.


We will largely use a pool of maps widely used for internet gaming, as e.g. the maps of the International Cyber Cup, thus we recommend using some of these also for training your bots. A sample of training maps will be compiled and made available here soon.


All entry source code files, maps, and replay files will be made available here. For submitting an entry, create a zip file containing readme.txt that explains how to build your DLL and all necessary source and data files (including BWAPI and BWSAL, BWTA if necessary).

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