Cover Feature for our work on virtual molecule library Jointly with the group of Oliver Koch (Medizinische Chemie, CCB) we got the Cover Feature for the June 2018 edition of ChemMedChem presenting our work on the new virtual molecule library CHIPMUNK. The library contains about 100 million small molecules that have been generated with in silicon reactions on accessible building blocks and analysed with their profile. The artwork (three chipmunks analysing the molecule library) has been produced by Melanie Winkelmann (MPI of Molecular Physiology). More information can be found in: Lina Humbeck, Sebastian Weigang, Till Schäfer, Petra Mutzel, Oliver Koch, CHIPMUNK: A Virtual Synthesizable Small‐Molecule Library for Medicinal Chemistry, Exploitable for Protein–Protein Interaction Modulators, ChemMedChem 6/2018.

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