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Procedure of presentation
Each poster session starts with a short plenary introduction (20 min.) of the presented papers where the session chair shortly mentions the main results of each paper. The poster presentation is located in a different room where the posters have to be suspended on movable walls before the session. The presenters of the posters shall stand next to their poster and be prepared to talk about their work and answering specific questions.

Poster schedule

Monday 15th
Session M.A:   11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Session chair: Günter Rudolph
On the Behaviour of the (1+1)-ES for a Simple Constrained Problem
Arnold, Dirk; Brauer, Daniel
σ-Self-Adaptive Weighted Multirecombination Evolution Strategy with Scaled Weights on the Noisy Sphere
Beyer, Hans-Georg; Melkozerov, Alexander
When Does Quasi-random Work?
Teytaud, Olivier
Fitness Expectation Maximization
Wierstra, Daan; Schaul, Tom; Peters, Jan; Schmidhuber, Jürgen
Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Environments: Prediction Using Linear Regression and Markov Chains
Simões, Anabela; Costa, Ernesto
Evolving Neural Networks for Online Reinforcement Learning
Metzen, Jan H.; Edgington, Mark; Kassahun, Yohannes; Kirchner, Frank
The Generalisation Ability of a Selection Architecture for Genetic Programming
Jackson, David
Cooperation in Co-evolving Networks: the Prisoner's Dilemma and Stag-Hunt Games
Pestelacci, Enea; Tomassini, Marco
Analyzing Hypervolume Indicator Based Algorithms
Brockhoff, Dimo; Friedrich, Tobias; Neumann, Frank
Solving Three-Objective Optimization Problems Using a New Hybrid Cellular Genetic Algorithm
Durillo, Juan J.; Nebro, Antonio J.; Luna, Francisco; Alba, Enrique
Modeling Human Expertise on a Cheese Ripening Industrial Process Using GP
Barrière, Olivier; Lutton, Evelyne; Baudrit, Cedric; Sicard, Mariette; Pinaud, Bruno; Perrot, Nathalie
Readable and Accurate Rulesets with ORGA
Daud, M.N. Ridzuan; Corne, David W.
A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for the Linear Shelf Space Allocation Problem
Esparcia-Alcázar, Anna I.; Martínez-García, Ana I.; Albarracín-Guillem, Jose M.; Palmer-Gato, Marta E.; Merelo, Juan J.; Sharman, Ken C.; Alfaro-Cid, Eva
Optimizing Real-Time Ordered-Data Broadcasts in Pervasive Environments Using Evolution Strategy
Dewri, Rinku; Whitley, Darrell; Ray, Indrajit; Ray, Indrakshi

Session M.B:   2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Session chair: Simon Lucas
Premature Convergence in Constrained Continuous Search Spaces
Kramer, Oliver
On Multiplicative Noise Models for Stochastic Search
Jebalia, Mohamed; Auger, Anne
Adaptive Encoding: How to Render Search Coordinate System Invariant
Hansen, Nikolaus
Enhancing the Efficiency of the ECGA
Duque, Thyago S.P.C.; Goldberg, David E.; Sastry, Kumara
A Developmental Approach to the Uncapacitated Examination Timetabling Problem
Pillay, Nelishia; Banzhaf, Wolfgang
Evolvable Agents in Static and Dynamic Optimization Problems
Laredo, Juan L.J.; Castillo Valdivieso, Pedro A.; Mora, Antonio M.; Merelo, Juan J.; Rosa, Agostinho; Fernandes, Carlos
The Impact of Global Structure on Search
Lunacek, Monte; Whitley, Darrell; Sutton, Andrew
Improved Lower Limits for Pheromone Trails in Ant Colony Optimization
Matthews, David C.
Runtime Analyses for Using Fairness in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
Friedrich, Tobias; Horoba, Christian; Neumann, Frank
The Parallel Predator-Prey Model: A Step towards Practical Application
Grimme, Christian; Lepping, Joachim; Papaspyrou, Alexander
Distance Based Ranking in Many-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization
Mostaghim, Sanaz; Schmeck, Hartmut
A Distributed Memetic Algorithm for the Routing and Wavelength Assignment Problem
Fischer, Thomas; Bauer, Kerstin; Merz, Peter
Theoretical Analysis of Initial Particle Swarm Behavior
Helwig, Sabine; Wanka, Rolf
Nature-inspired Synthesis of Rational Protocols
Alcaide, Almudena; Tapiador, Juan M. E.; Hernández-Castro, Julio C.; Ribagorda, Arturo
A Memetic Algorithm for the Delineation of Local Labour Markets
Flórez-Revuelta, Francisco; Casado-Díaz, José M.; Martínez-Bernabeu, Lucas; Gómez-Hernández, Raúl

Session M.C:   4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Session chair: Günter Rudolph
Convergence Analysis of Evolution Strategies with Random Numbers of Offspring
François, Olivier
A Blend of Markov-Chain and Drift Analysis
Jägersküpper, Jens
Enhancing the Performance of Maximum-Likelihood Gaussian EDAs Using Anticipated Mean Shift
Bosman, Peter A.N.; Grahl, Jörn; Thierens, Dirk
New Approaches to Coevolutionary Worst-Case Optimization
Branke, Jürgen; Rosenbusch, Johanna
Enhancing Efficiency of Hierarchical BOA Via Distance-Based Model Restrictions
Hauschild, Mark; Pelikan, Martin
Evolution Strategies for Direct Policy Search
Heidrich-Meisner, Verena; Igel, Christian
Optimal Nesting of Species for Exact Cover: Many against Many
Horn, Jeffrey
Nonsynonymous to Synonymous Substitution Ratio ka/ks: Measurement for Rate of Evolution in Evolutionary Computation
Hu, Ting; Banzhaf, Wolfgang
Functional-Specialization Multi-Objective Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm: FS-MOGA
Hamada, Naoki; Sakuma, Jun; Kobayashi, Shigenobu; Ono, Isao
Investigations into the Effect of Multiobjectivization in Protein Structure Prediction
Handl, Julia; Lovell, Simon C.; Knowles, Joshua D.
A Local Search Based Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Approach for Fast and Accurate Convergence
Sindhya, Karthik; Deb, Kalyanmoy; Miettinen, Kaisa
Large-Scale Optimization of Non-separable Building-Block Problems
Iclanzan, David; Dumitrescu, Dumitru
Particle Filter with Swarm Move for Optimization
Ji, Chunlin; Zhang, Yangyang; Tong, Mengmeng; Yang, Shengxiang
Evolving XSLT Stylesheets for Document Transformation
García-Sánchez, Pablo; Merelo, Juan J.; Laredo, Juan L.J.; Mora, Antonio M.; Castillo Valdivieso, Pedro Á.
Fast Multi-objective Scheduling of Jobs to Constrained Resources Using a Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm
Jakob, Wilfried; Quinte, Alexander; Stucky, Karl-Uwe; Süß, Wolfgang

Tuesday 16th
Session T.A:   10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Session chair: Carlo Poloni
Multiobjectivization by Decomposition of Scalar Cost Functions
Handl, Julia; Lovell, Simon C.; Knowles, Joshua D.
Approximating Minimum Multicuts by Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithms
Neumann, Frank; Reichel, Joachim
Covariance Matrix Adaptation Revisited - The CMSA Evolution Strategy
Beyer, Hans-Georg; Sendhoff, Bernhard
Extreme Value Based Adaptive Operator Selection
Fialho, Álvaro; Da Costa, Luís; Schoenauer, Marc; Sebag, Michèle
Examining the Effect of Elitism in Cellular Genetic Algorithms Using Two Neighborhood Structures
Ishibuchi, Hisao; Tsukamoto, Noritaka; Nojima, Yusuke
Costs and Benefits of Tuning Parameters of Evolutionary Algorithms
Nannen, Volker; Smit, Selmar K.; Eiben, Agoston E.
How Single Ant ACO Systems Optimize Pseudo-Boolean Functions
Doerr, Benjamin; Johannsen, Daniel; Tang, Ching H.
Reinforcement Learning: Insights from Interesting Failures in Parameter Selection
Konen, Wolfgang; Bartz-Beielstein, Thomas
On the Use of Projected Gradients for Constrained Multiobjective Optimization Problems
Hernández-Díaz, Alfredo G.; Coello Coello, Carlos A.; Santana-Quintero, Luis V.; Perez, Fatima; Molina, Julian; Caballero, Rafael
Diversity Maintenance Mechanism for Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms Using Clustering and Network Inversion
Hiroyasu, Tomoyuki; Kobayashi, Kenji; Nishioka, Masashi; Miki, Mitsunori
A Feasibility-Preserving Crossover and Mutation Operator for Constrained Combinatorial Problems
Lukasiewycz, Martin; Glaß, Michael; Teich, Jürgen
A Set-Based Particle Swarm Optimization Method
Veenhuis, Christian B.
Virus Evolution Strategy for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows
Kanoh, Hitoshi; Tsukahara, Souichi
Evolving Regular Expressions for GeneChip Probe Performance Prediction
Langdon, William B.; Harrison, Andrew P.
A Grouping Genetic Algorithm Using Linear Linkage Encoding for Bin Packing
Ülker, Özgur; Korkmaz, Emin Erkan; Özcan, Ender

Session T.B:   1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Session chair: Thomas Jansen
Simplified Drift Analysis for Proving Lower Bounds in Evolutionary Computation
Oliveto, Pietro S.; Witt, Carsten
Uncertainty Handling in Model Selection for Support Vector Machines
Glasmachers, Tobias; Igel, Christian
A Simple Modification in CMA-ES Achieving Linear Time and Space Complexity
Ros, Raymond; Hansen, Nikolaus
Bio-inspired Search and Distributed Memory Formation on Power-Law Networks
Das, Tathagata; Nandi, Subrata; Deutsch, Andreas; Ganguly, Niloy
Parameter Control Methods for Selection Operators in Genetic Algorithms
Vajda, Péter; Eiben, Agoston E.; Hordijk, Wiebe
Actuation Constraints and Artificial Physics Control
Ellis, Chris; Wiegand, R. Paul
Genetic Repair for Optimization under Constraints Inspired by Arabidopsis Thaliana
FitzGerald, Amy; O'Donoghue, Diarmuid P.
Improved Multilabel Classification with Neural Networks
Grodzicki, Rafał; Mańdziuk, Jacek; Wang, Lipo
A Proposal to Hybridize Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms with Non-gradient Mathematical Programming Techniques
Zapotecas Martínez, Saúl; Coello Coello, Carlos A.
SPAM: Set Preference Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization
Zitzler, Eckart; Thiele, Lothar; Bader, Johannes
Many Objective Optimisation: Direct Objective Boundary Identification
Hughes, Evan J.
An Iterated Local Search Approach for Finding Provably Good Solutions for Very Large TSP Instances
Merz, Peter; Huhse, Jutta
Learning Fuzzy Rules with Evolutionary Algorithms-An Analytic Approach
Kroeske, Jens; Ghandar, Adam; Michalewicz, Zbigniew; Neumann, Frank
Evolutionary Market Agents for Resource Allocation in Decentralised Systems
Lewis, Peter R.; Marrow, Paul; Yao, Xin
Optimization of Feature Processing Chain in Music Classification by Evolution Strategies
Vatolkin, Igor; Theimer, Wolfgang

Session T.C:   3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Session chair: Simon Lucas
Rigorous Runtime Analysis of Inversely Fitness Proportional Mutation Rates
Zarges, Christine
Niche Radius Adaptation with Asymmetric Sharing
van der Goes, Vincent; Shir, Ofer M.; Bäck, Thomas
Supervised and Unsupervised Evolutionary Learning of Echo State Networks
Jiang, Fei; Berry, Hugues; Schoenauer, Marc
Dynamic Cooperative Coevolutionary Sensor Deployment Via Localized Fitness Evaluation
Jiang, Xingyan; Chen, Yuanzhu P.; Yu, Tina
Formally Testing Liveness by Means of Compression Rates
Andrés, César; Rodríguez, Ismael; Rubio, Fernando
How a Generative Encoding Fares as Problem-Regularity Decreases
Clune, Jeff; Ofria, Charles; Pennock, Robert T.
Sub-tree Swapping Crossover, Allele Diffusion and GP Convergence
Dignum, Stephen; Poli, Riccardo
EA-Powered Basin Number Estimation by Means of Preservation and Exploration
Stoean, Catalin L.; Preuss, Mike; Stoean, Ruxandra; Dumitrescu, Dumitru
Team Algorithms Based on Ant Colony Optimization. A New Multi-Objective Optimization Approach
Lezcano, Cristian; Pinto, Diego P.; Barán, Benjamín
Multiobjective Optimization on a Limited Budget of Evaluations Using Model-Assisted S-Metric Selection
Ponweiser, Wolfgang; Wagner, Tobias; Biermann, Dirk; Vincze, Markus
A Study of Convergence Speed in Multi-objective Metaheuristics
Nebro, Antonio J.; Durillo, Juan J.; Coello Coello, Carlos A.; Luna, Francisco; Alba, Enrique
Intrinsic System Model of the Genetic Algorithm with α-Selection
Neubauer, André
GA-Net: A Genetic Algorithm for Community Detection in Social Networks
Pizzuti, Clara
Learning Walking Patterns for Kinematically Complex Robots Using Evolution Strategies
Römmermann, Malte; Edgington, Mark; Metzen, Jan H.; de Gea, Jose; Kassahun, Yohannes; Kirchner, Frank

Wednesday 17th
Session W.A:   10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Session chair: Carlo Poloni
Lower Bounds for Evolution Strategies Using VC-Dimension
Fournier, Hervé; Teytaud, Olivier
On the Run-Time Dynamics of a Peer-to-Peer Evolutionary Algorithm
Laredo, Juan L.J.; Eiben, Agoston E.; van Steen, Maarten; Merelo, Juan J.
Mixed-Integer Evolution Strategies with Dynamic Niching
Li, Rui; Eggermont, Jeroen; Shir, Ofer M.; Emmerich, Michael T.M.; Bäck, Thomas; Dijkstra, Jouke; Reiber, Johan H.C.
A Compass to Guide Genetic Algorithms
Maturana, Jorge; Saubion, Frédéric
A Steady-State Genetic Algorithm with Resampling for Noisy Inventory Control
Prestwich, Steven D.; Tarim, S. Armagan; Rossi, Roberto; Hnich, Brahim
Preventing Premature Convergence in a Simple EDA Via Global Step Size Setting
Pošík, Petr
Coevolving Cellular Automata with Memory for Chemical Computing: Boolean Logic Gates in the BZ Reaction
Stone, Christopher; Toth, Rita; de Lacy Costello, Ben; Adamatzky, Andrew; Bull, Larry
The Influence of Mutation on Protein-Ligand Docking Optimization: A Locality Analysis
Tavares, Jorge; Tantar, Alexandru-Adrian; Melab, Nouredine; Talbi, El-Ghazali
A Convergence Criterion for Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms Based on Systematic Statistical Testing
Trautmann, Heike; Ligges, Uwe; Mehnen, Jörn; Preuss, Mike
Approximating the Knee of an MOP with Stochastic Search Algorithms
Schütze, Oliver; Laumanns, Marco; Coello Coello, Carlos A.
Imitation Learning in Uncertain Environments
Priesterjahn, Steffen; Eberling, Markus
Driving Cars by Means of Genetic Algorithms
Saez, Yago; Perez, Diego; Sanjuan, Oscar; Isasi, Pedro
AGE-P: A Platform for Open Evolution
Salomon, Ralf; Goldmann, Stefan
QFCS: A Fuzzy LCS in Continuous Multi-step Environments with Continuous Vector Actions
Ramírez-Ruiz, José; Valenzuela-Rendón, Manuel; Terashima-Marín, Hugo

Session W.B:   1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Session chair: Thomas Jansen
Ignoble Trails - Where Crossover Is Provably Harmful
Richter, J. Neal; Wright, Alden; Paxton, John
Testing the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis: Effect of Asynchronous Population Incorporation on Multi-Deme Evolutionary Algorithms
Merelo, Juan J.; Mora, Antonio; Castillo, Pedro A.; Laredo, Juan L.J.; Araujo, Lourdes; Sharman, Ken C.; Esparcia Alcázar, Anna I.; Alfaro-Cid, Eva; Cotta, Carlos
Combination of Natural and Numerical Optimization Methods at the Example of an Internal Gas Turbine Cooling Channel
Steinbrück, Helga; Zehner, Sebastian; Neumann, S. Olaf; Weigand, Bernhard
Testing the CAX on a Real-World Problem and Other Benchmarks
Tchougang, Ariel; Blansché, Alexandre; Baumes, Laurent; Lachiche, Nicolas; Collet, Pierre
Countering Poisonous Inputs with Memetic Neuroevolution
Togelius, Julian; Schaul, Tom; Schmidhuber, Jürgen; Gomez, Faustino
Evaluation and Diversity in Co-evolution
van Wijngaarden, Rients P.T.; de Jong, Edwin D.
Comparison of Adaptive Approaches for Differential Evolution
Zielinski, Karin; Wang, Xinwei; Laur, Rainer
Use of Heuristic Local Search for Single-Objective Optimization in Multiobjective Memetic Algorithms
Ishibuchi, Hisao; Hitotsuyanagi, Yasuhiro; Tsukamoto, Noritaka; Nojima, Yusuke
Approximate Solutions in Space Mission Design
Schütze, Oliver; Vasile, Massimiliano; Coello Coello, Carlos A.
Using Ants' Task Division for Better Game Engines. A Contribution to Game Accessibility for Impaired Players
Sepchat, Alexis; Clair, Romain; Monmarché, Nicolas; Slimane, Mohamed
Adding Probabilistic Dependencies to the Search of Protein Side Chain Configurations Using EDAs
Santana, Roberto; Larrañaga, Pedro; Lozano, Jose A.
A Scalable Formal Framework for Analyzing the Behavior of Nature-Inspired Routing Protocols
Shahzad, Muhammad; Zahid, Saira; Farooq, Muddassar