Accepted Papers

Nature-inspired Synthesis of Rational Protocols
Alcaide, Almudena; Tapiador, Juan M. E.; Hernández-Castro, Julio C.; Ribagorda, Arturo
Formally Testing Liveness by means of Compression Rates
Andrés, César; Rodríguez, Ismael; Rubio, Fernando
On the Behaviour of the (1+1)-ES for a Simple Constrained Problem
Arnold, Dirk; Brauer, Daniel
Modeling human expertise on a cheese ripening industrial process using GP
Barrière, Olivier; Lutton, Evelyne; Baudrit, Cedric; Sicard, Mariette; Pinaud, Bruno; Perrot, Nathalie
Covariance Matrix Adaptation Revisited - the CMSA Evolution Strategy
Beyer, Hans-Georg; Sendhoff, Bernhard
Sigma-Selfadaptive Weighted Multirecombination ES with Scaled Weights on the Noisy Sphere
Beyer, Hans-Georg; Melkozerov, Alexander
Enhancing the Performance of Maximum-Likelihood Gaussian EDAs Using Anticipated Mean Shift
Bosman, Peter A.N.; Grahl, Jörn; Thierens, Dirk
New approaches to coevolutionary worst-case optimization
Branke, Jürgen; Rosenbusch, Johanna
Analyzing Hypervolume Indicator Based Algorithms
Brockhoff, Dimo; Friedrich, Tobias; Neumann, Frank
How A Generative Encodings Fares as Problem-Regularity Decreases
Clune, Jeff; Ofria, Charles; Pennock, Robert T.
Bio-inspired Search and Distributed Memory Formation on Power-law Networks
Das, Tathagata; Nandi, Subrata; Deutsch, Andreas; Ganguly, Niloy
Readable and Accurate Rulesets with ORGA
Daud, M.N. Ridzuan; Corne, David W.
Optimizing Real-Time Ordered-Data Broadcasts in Pervasive Environments Using Evolution Strategy
Dewri, Rinku; Whitley, Darrell; Ray, Indrajit; Ray, Indrakshi
Sub-Tree Swapping Crossover, Allele Diffusion and GP Convergence
Dignum, Stephen; Poli, Riccardo
Enhancing the Efficiency of the ECGA
Duque, Thyago S.P.C.; Goldberg, David E.; Sastry, Kumara
Solving Three-Objective Optimization Problems Using a new Hybrid Cellular Genetic Algorithm
Durillo Barrionuevo, Juan J.; Nebro Urbaneja, Antonio J.; Luna Valero, Francisco; Alba Torres, Enrique
Parameter Control Methods for Selection Operators in Genetic Algorithms
Eiben, Agoston E.; Vajda, Péter; Hordijk, Wiebe
Actuation Constraints and Artificial Physics Control
Ellis, Chris; Wiegand, R. Paul
A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for the Linear Shelf Space Allocation Problem
Esparcia-Alcázar, Anna I.; Martínez-García, Ana I.; Albarracín-Guillem, Jose M.; Palmer-Gato, Marta E.; Merelo, Juan J.; Sharman, Ken C.; Alfaro-Cid, Eva
Extreme Value Based Adaptive Operator Selection
Fialho, Álvaro; Da Costa, Luis; Schoenauer, Marc; Sebag, Michèle
A Distributed Memetic Algorithm for the Routing and Wavelength Assignment Problem
Fischer, Thomas; Bauer, Kerstin; Merz, Peter
Genetic Repair for Optimization under Constraints inspired by Arabidopsis Thaliana
FitzGerald, Amy; O'Donoghue, Diarmuid P.
A memetic algorithm for the delineation of local labour markets
Flórez-Revuelta, Francisco; Casado-Díaz, José M.; Martínez-Bernabeu, Lucas; Gómez-Hernández, Raúl
Lower Bounds for Evolution Strategies using VC-dimension
Fournier, Hervé; Teytaud, Olivier
Convergence Analysis of Evolution Strategies with Random Numbers of Offspring
François, Olivier
Runtime Analyses for Using Fairness in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
Friedrich, Tobias; Horoba, Christian; Neumann, Frank
Evolving XSLT Stylesheets For Document Transformation
García-Sánchez, Pablo; Merelo, Juan J.; Laredo, Juan L.J.; Mora, Antonio M.; Castillo Valdivieso, Pedro Á.
Uncertainty Handling in Model Selection for Support Vector Machines
Glasmachers, Tobias; Igel, Christian
Niche Radius Adaptation with Asymmetric Sharing
van der Goes, Vincent; Shir, Ofer M.; Bäck, Thomas
The Parallel Predator-Prey Model: A Step Towards Practical Application
Grimme, Christian; Lepping, Joachim; Papaspyrou, Alexander
Improved Multilabel Classification with Neural Networks
Grodzicki, Rafał; Mańdziuk, Jacek; Wang, Lipo
Functional-Specialization Multi-Objective Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm: FS-MOGA
Hamada, Naoki; Sakuma, Jun; Kobayashi, Shigenobu; Ono, Isao
Investigations into the effect of multiobjectivization in protein structure prediction
Handl, Julia; Lovell, Simon C.; Knowles, Joshua D.
Multiobjectivization by decomposition of scalar cost functions
Handl, Julia; Lovell, Simon C.; Knowles, Joshua D.
Adaptive Encoding: How to Render Search Coordinate System Invariant
Hansen, Nikolaus
Enhancing Efficiency of Hierarchical BOA via Distance-Based Model Restrictions
Hauschild, Mark; Pelikan, Martin
Evolution Strategies for Direct Policy Search
Heidrich-Meisner, Verena; Igel, Christian
Theoretical Analysis of Initial Particle Swarm Behavior
Helwig, Sabine; Wanka, Rolf
On the use of Projected Gradients for Constrained Multiobjective Optimization Problems
Hernández-Díaz, Alfredo G.; Coello Coello, Carlos A.; Santana-Quintero, Luis V.; Perez, Fatima; Molina, Julian; Caballero, Rafael
Diversity Maintenance Mechanism for Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms using Clustering and Network Inversion
Hiroyasu, Tomoyuki; Kobayashi, Kenji; Nishioka, Masashi; Miki, Mitsunori
Optimal Nesting of Species for Exact Cover: Many Against Many
Horn, Jeffrey
Nonsynonymous to Synonymous Substitution Ratio ka/ks: Measurement for Rate of Evolution in Evolutionary Computation
Hu, Ting; Banzhaf, Wolfgang
Many Objective Optimisation: Direct Objective Boundary Identification
Hughes, Evan J.
Large-Scale Optimization of Non-Separable Building-Block Problems
Iclanzan, David; Dumitrescu, Dumitru
Use of Heuristic Local Search for Single-Objective Optimization in Multiobjective Memetic Algorithms
Ishibuchi, Hisao; Hitotsuyanagi, Yasuhiro; Tsukamoto, Noritaka; Nojima, Yusuke
Examining the Effect of Elitism in Cellular Genetic Algorithms using Two Neighborhood Structures
Ishibuchi, Hisao; Tsukamoto, Noritaka; Nojima, Yusuke
The Generalisation Ability of a Selection Architecture for Genetic Programming
Jackson, David
Fast Multi-objective Scheduling of Jobs to Constrained Resources Using a Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm
Jakob, Wilfried; Quinte, Alexander; Stucky, Karl-Uwe; Süß, Wolfgang
On Multiplicative Noise Models for Stochastic Search
Jebalia, Mohamed; Auger, Anne
Particle Filter with Swarm Move for Optimization
Ji, Chunlin; Zhang, Yangyang; Tong, Mengmeng; Yang, Shengxiang
Supervised and Unsupervised Evolutionary Learning of Echo State Networks
Jiang, Fei; Berry, Hugues; Schoenauer, Marc
Dynamic Cooperative Coevolutionary Sensor Deployment via Localized Fitness Evaluation
Jiang, Xingyan; Chen, Yuanzhu P.; Yu, Tina
How Single Ant ACO Systems Optimize Pseudo-Boolean Functions
Johannsen, Daniel; Doerr, Benjamin; Tang, Ching H.
A Blend of Markov-Chain and Drift Analysis
Jägersküpper, Jens
Virus Evolution Strategy for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows
Kanoh, Hitoshi; Tsukahara, Souichi
Reinforcement Learning: Insights from Interesting Failures in Parameter Selection
Konen, Wolfgang; Bartz-Beielstein, Thomas
Premature Convergence in Constrained Continuous Search Spaces
Kramer, Oliver
Learning Fuzzy Rules with Evolutionary Algorithms-an Analytic Approach
Kroeske, Jens; Ghandar, Adam; Michalewicz, Zbigniew; Neumann, Frank
Evolving Regular Expressions for GeneChip Probe Performance Prediction
Langdon, William B.; Harrison, Andrew P.
Evolvable Agents in Static and Dynamic Optimization Problems
Laredo, Juan L.J.; Castillo Valdivieso, Pedro A.; Mora, Antonio M.; Merelo, Juan J.; Rosa, Agostinho; Fernandes, Carlos
On the run-time dynamics of a Peer-to-Peer Evolutionary Algorithm
Laredo, Juan L.J.; Eiben, Agoston E.; van Steen, Maarten; Merelo, Juan J.
Evolutionary Market Agents for Resource Allocation in Decentralised Systems
Lewis, Peter R.; Marrow, Paul; Yao, Xin
Mixed-Integer Evolution Strategies with Dynamic Niching
Li, Rui; Eggermont, Jeroen; Shir, Ofer M.; Emmerich, Michael T.M.; Bäck, Thomas; Dijkstra, Jouke; Reiber, Johan H.C.
A Feasibility-preserving Crossover and Mutation Operator for Constrained Combinatorial Problems
Lukasiewycz, Martin; Glaß, Michael; Teich, Jürgen
The Impact of Global Structure on Search
Lunacek, Monte; Whitley, Darrell; Sutton, Andrew
Improved Lower Limits for Pheromone Trails in Ant Colony Optimization
Matthews, David C.
A Compass to Guide Genetic Algorithms
Maturana, Jorge; Saubion, Frédéric
Testing the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis: Effect of Asynchronous Population Incorporation on Multi-Deme Evolutionary Algorithms
Merelo, Juan J.; Mora, Antonio; Castillo Valdivieso, Pedro A.; Laredo, Juan L.J.; Araujo, Lourdes; Sharman, Ken C.; Esparcia Alcázar, Anna I.; Alfaro-Cid, Eva; Cotta, Carlos
An Iterated Local Search Approach for Finding Provably Good Solutions for Very Large TSP Instances
Merz, Peter; Huhse, Jutta
Evolving Neural Networks for Online Reinforcement Learning
Metzen, Jan H.; Edgington, Mark; Kassahun, Yohannes; Kirchner, Frank
Distance Based Ranking in Many-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization
Mostaghim, Sanaz; Schmeck, Hartmut
Costs and Benefits of Tuning Parameters of Evolutionary Algorithms
Nannen, Volker; Smit, Selmar K.; Eiben, Agoston E.
A Study of Convergence Speed in Multi-Objective Metaheuristics
Nebro Urbaneja, Antonio J.; Durillo Barrionuevo, Juan J.; Coello Coello, Carlos A.; Luna Valero, Francisco; Alba Torres, Enrique
Intrinsic System Model of the Genetic Algorithm with a-Selection
Neubauer, André
Approximating Minimum Multicuts by Evolutionary Multi-Objective Algorithms
Neumann, Frank; Reichel, Joachim
Simplified Drift Analysis for Proving Lower Bounds in Evolutionary Computation
Oliveto, Pietro S.; Witt, Carsten
Cooperation in Co-Evolving Networks: the Prisoner's Dilemma and Stag-Hunt Games
Pestelacci, Enea; Tomassini, Marco
A Developmental Approach to the Uncapacitated Examination Timetabling Problem
Pillay, Nelishia; Banzhaf, Wolfgang
Team Algorithms based on Ant Colony Optimization. A new Multi-Objective Optimization approach
Pinto, Diego P.; Lezcano, Cristian; Barán, Benjamín
GA-NET: a Genetic Algorithm for Community Detection in Social Networks
Pizzuti, Clara
Multiobjective Optimization on a Limited Budget of Evaluations Using Model-Assisted S-metric Selection
Ponweiser, Wolfgang; Wagner, Tobias; Biermann, Dirk; Vincze, Markus
Preventing Premature Convergence in a Simple EDA via Global Step Size Setting
Pošík, Petr
A Steady-State Genetic Algorithm With Resampling for Noisy Inventory Control
Prestwich, Steven D.; Tarim, S. Armagan; Rossi, Roberto; Hnich, Brahim
Imitation Learning in Uncertain Environments
Priesterjahn, Steffen; Eberling, Markus
QFCS: A Fuzzy LCS in Continuous Multi-Step Environments with Continuous Vector Actions
Ramírez-Ruiz, José; Valenzuela-Rendón, Manuel; Terashima-Marín, Hugo
Ignoble Trails - where crossover is provably harmful
Richter, J. Neal; Wright, Alden; Paxton, John
A Simple Modification in CMA-ES Achieving Linear Time and Space Complexity
Ros, Raymond; Hansen, Nikolaus
Learning Walking Patterns for Kinematically Complex Robots using Evolution Strategies
Römmermann, Malte; Edgington, Mark; Metzen, Jan H.; de Gea, Jose; Kassahun, Yohannes; Kirchner, Frank
Driving cars by means of Genetic Algorithms
Saez, Yago; Perez, Diego; Sanjuan, Oscar; Isasi, Pedro
AGE-P: A Platform for Open Evolution
Salomon, Ralf; Goldmann, Stefan
Adding probabilistic dependencies to the search of protein side chain configurations using EDAs
Santana, Roberto; Larrañaga, Pedro; Lozano, Jose A.
Approximating the Knee of an MOP with Stochastic Search Algorithms
Schütze, Oliver; Laumanns, Marco; Coello Coello, Carlos A.
Approximate Solutions in Space Mission Design
Schütze, Oliver; Vasile, Massimiliano; Coello Coello, Carlos A.
Using ants' task division for better game engines : a contribution to game accessibility for impaired players
Sepchat, Alexis; Clair, Romain; Monmarché, Nicolas; Slimane, Mohamed
A Scalable Formal Framework for Analyzing the Behavior of Nature-inspired Routing Protocols
Shahzad, Muhammad; Zahid, Saira; Farooq, Muddassar
Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Environments: Prediction using Linear Regression and Markov Chains
Simões, Anabela; Costa, Ernesto
A Local Search Based Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Approach for Fast and Accurate Convergence
Sindhya, Karthik; Deb, Kalyanmoy; Miettinen, Kaisa
Combination of Natural and Numerical Optimization Methods at the Example of an Internal Gas Turbine Cooling Channel
Steinbrück, Helga; Zehner, Sebastian; Neumann, S. Olaf; Weigand, Bernhard
EA-Powered Basin Number Estimation by Means of Preservation and Exploration
Stoean, Catalin; Preuss, Mike; Stoean, Ruxandra; Dumitrescu, Dumitru
Coevolving Cellular Automata with Memory for Chemical Computing: Boolean Logic Gates in the B-Z Reaction
Stone, Christopher; Toth, Rita; de Lacy Costello, Ben; Adamatzky, Andrew; Bull, Larry
The Influence of Mutation on Protein-Ligand Docking Optimization: a Locality Analysis
Tavares, Jorge; Tantar, Alexandru-Adrian; Melab, Nouredine; Talbi, El-Ghazali
Testing the CAX on a Real-World Problem and Other Benchmarks
Tchougang, Ariel; Blansché, Alexandre; Baumes, Laurent; Lachiche, Nicolas; Collet, Pierre
When does quasi-random work?
Teytaud, Olivier
Countering Poisonous Inputs with Memetic Neuroevolution
Togelius, Julian; Schaul, Tom; Schmidhuber, Jürgen; Gomez, Faustino
A Convergence Criterion for Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms based on Systematic Statistical Testing
Trautmann, Heike; Ligges, Uwe; Mehnen, Jörn; Preuss, Mike
A Grouping Genetic Algorithm Using Linear Linkage Encoding for Bin Packing
Ülker, Özgur; Korkmaz, Emin Erkan; Özcan, Ender
Evaluation and Diversity in Co-evolution
van Wijngaarden, Rients P.T.; de Jong, Edwin D.
Optimization of Feature Processing Chain in Music Classification by Evolution Strategies
Vatolkin, Igor; Theimer, Wolfgang
A Set-based Particle Swarm Optimization Method
Veenhuis, Christian B.
Fitness Expectation Maximization
Wierstra, Daan; Schaul, Tom; Peters, Jan; Schmidhuber, Jürgen
A Proposal to Hybridize Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms with Non-Gradient Mathematical Programming Techniques
Zapotecas Martínez, Saúl; Coello Coello, Carlos A.
Rigorous Runtime Analysis of Inversely Fitness Proportional Mutation Rates
Zarges, Christine
Comparison of Adaptive Approaches for Differential Evolution
Zielinski, Karin; Wang, Xinwei; Laur, Rainer
SPAM: Set Preference Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization
Zitzler, Eckart; Thiele, Lothar; Bader, Johannes