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 ===== Currently Supervised Theses (BT: Bachelor; MT: Master; DT:Diploma) ===== ===== Currently Supervised Theses (BT: Bachelor; MT: Master; DT:Diploma) =====
-  * <​html><​b><​font color=#​61380B>​BT </​font><​font color=#​0000FF>​Vergleich ​von Liedtext-basierten Charakteristika +  * <​html><​b><​font color=#​61380B>​MT </​font><​font color=#​0000FF>​Erstellung und evolutionäre Optimierung ​von Fuzzy Regelbasen zur Klassifikation von Musikgenres ​(Construction and evolutionary optimisation ​of fuzzy rule bases for classification ​of music genres)</​font></​b></​html>​\\ // Frederik Heerde; // 1. Reviewer: //GRudolph//; 2. Reviewer: //IVatolkin//\\ <​html><​font color=#​996600>​2018</​font></​html> ​
-mit Audiomerkmalen für Musikgenreklassifikation ​(Comparison ​of lyrics-based characteristics with audio features ​for music genre classification)</​font></​b></​html>​\\ // Marco Eckey; // 1. Reviewer: //IVatolkin//; 2. Reviewer: //RKlinger//\\ <​html><​font color=#​996600>​2018</​font></​html> ​+
-  * <​html><​b><​font color=#​61380B>​BT </​font><​font color=#​0000FF>​Vorhersage semantischer Merkmale aus +  * <​html><​b><​font color=#​61380B>​BT </​font><​font color=#​0000FF>​Strukturelle Komplexitätsmerkmale zur Musikgenre-Klassifikation ​mit Fuzzy-k-Nearest-Neighbors ​(Structural complexity characteristics for music genre classification ​with fuzzy k nearest neighbors)</​font></​b></​html>​\\ // Philipp Ginsel; // 1. Reviewer: //G. Rudolph//; 2. Reviewer: //I. Vatolkin//​\\ <​html><​font color=#​996600>​2018</​font></​html> ​
-Musiksignaldaten ​mit Deep Learning ​(Prediction of semantic features from music signal data with deep learning)</​font></​b></​html>​\\ // Felix Krause; // 1. Reviewer: //G. Rudolph//; 2. Reviewer: //I. Vatolkin//​\\ <​html><​font color=#​996600>​2018</​font></​html> ​+
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