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-====== Best poster award at the GCB 2012 ====== 
-PhD candidates [[http://​www.rahmannlab.de/​people/​corinna-ernst|Corinna Ernst]] (Genome Informatics,​ Uni Essen) and [[:​staff:​martin|Marcel Martin]] (Chair 11, TU Dortmund), both supervised by [[http://​www.rahmannlab.de/​|Sven Rahmann]] (Uni Essen) share second place for their posters presented at the [[http://​www.gcb2012-jena.de/​|German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB)]] in Jena. 
-Corinna'​s poster "An Efficient Data Structure for Pangenomes"​ shows how to represent the differences and commonalities among the DNA sequences of all genomes of a species in a memory-efficient and meaningful way. 
-Marcel'​s poster "​Alignment of flowgrams to strings"​ describes his work on automatic error-correction for DNA sequencing technologies that use so-called "​flowgrams"​ as an intermediate representation of DNA. 
-Although only a single second place was going to be awarded, the jury decided otherwise when both posters received an equal number of votes in two consecutive rounds of voting. 
-From left to right: Sven Rahmann, Corinna Ernst, Marcel Martin and Dominik Kopcynski (also Chair 11) 
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