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-====== 10 Bots - one winner: Results of the CIG 2011 StarCraft AI competition ====== 
-{{:​rts-competition:​competition2011-banner.jpg?​300 |}} 
-This year we had 10 entries for the  
-[[:​rts-competition/​starcraft-cig2011|CIG 2011 StarCraft AI competition]],​ 
-and after playing out hundreds of games we have a winner. 
-The tournament was won by Skynet (Andrew Smith), followed by UAlbertaBot (David Churchill) on 2nd and Xelnaga (Ho-Chul Cho and Kyung-Joong Kim) on 3rd place. Congratulations! 
-Also see [[http://​cilab.sejong.ac.kr/​cig2011/?​p=1022|CIG 2011 page about demo game against 
-professional StarCraft gamer JiHoon Seo (CJ Entus)]]. 
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