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 +====== Automatic Graph Drawing ======
 +A graph is a mathematical structure that is widely used to describe
 +the relationships between different objects. The objects are called the
 +of the graph** and the relationships are called
 +**edges**. Every edge
 +connects two nodes. One example for a structure that can be described as
 +a graph are relationships between people. Suppose there is a group of people,
 +some of which know each other; this can be expressed using a graph
 +in which the nodes are the people and there is an edge connecting two people
 +if they know each other.
 +Graph drawing is the art to draw a graph in such a way that the relationships
 +between the objects are easily understood by looking at the picture. The
 +nodes are usually drawn as circles or rectangles while the edges are drawn
 +as curves connecting two of these shapes.
 +We are interested in combinatorial optimization problems in graph drawing like crossing minimization,​ planarization,​ planar drawing techniques, compaction (area and edge length minimization),​ planar augmentation,​ and many others. Much of our research has been implemented and integrated into our [[http://​www.ogdf.net/​doku.php| software library OGDF]].
 +The [[http://​example.com|electronic repository and archive GDEA]] contains research materials of the topic of Graph Drawing.
 +Enjoy the web interface in which you can search, visualize and analyze paper titles and authors of the Graph Drawing community.
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