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[2006] U. Feldkamp, H. Schroeder, C. M. Niemeyer. Design and Evaluation of Single-Stranded DNA Carrier Molecules for DNA-Directed Assembly, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 23(6): 657-666. Abstract: FSN06Abstract.txt (2 KB)

[2006] U. Feldkamp, C. M. Niemeyer. Rational Design of DNA Nanoarchitectures, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 45: 1856-1876. Abstract: FN06Abstract.txt (1 KB)

[2004] U. Feldkamp, R. Wacker, H. Schroeder, W. Banzhaf, C. M. Niemeyer. Microarray-Based in vitro Evaluation of DNA Oligomer Libraries Designed in silico, ChemPhysChem, 5(3): 367-372. Abstract: FWSB+04Abstract.txt (1 KB)

[2003] U. Feldkamp, H. Rauhe, W. Banzhaf, Software Tools for DNA Sequence Design, Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines,  4(2): 153-171. Abstract: FRB03Abstract.ps (31 KB)    FRB03Abstract.pdf (58 KB)

[2001]  U. Feldkamp, S. Saghafi, W., H. Rauhe, DNA sequence generator: A program for the construction of DNA sequences, DNA7, pp. 23-32, Springer LNCS Series, volume 2340.
Abstract: DNASeqGenAbstact.ps.gz (21 KB)    DNASeqGenAbstract.pdf (64 KB)

[2000] A. Leier, C. Richter, W. Banzhaf, H. Rauhe, Private and public key DNA steganography, DNA6, PubKey.ps (PS 2.0, 4.8 MB), PubKey.ps.gz (PS 2.0, 1.1MB), PubKey.pdf (PDF, 217k)

[2000] U. Feldkamp, W. Banzhaf, H. Rauhe, A DNA Sequence Compiler, DNA6, DNASeqComp.ps (PS 3.0, 700k), DNASeqComp.ps.gz (PS 3.0, 200k), DNASeqComp.pdf (PDF, 71k)

[2000] H. Rauhe, G. Vopper, U. Feldkamp, W. Banzhaf, J.C. Howard, Digital DNA molecules, DNA6, DigDNAMol.ps (PS 3.0, 1.1MB), DigDNAMol.ps.gz (PS 3.0, 574k), DigDNAMol.pdf (83k), Poster: DigDNAMolPst.ps.gz (PS 3.0, 2MB)

[2000] A. Leier, C. Richter, W. Banzhaf, H. Rauhe, Cryptography with DNA binary strands, Biosystems 57 13-22. DNACrypt.pdf (245k)

[1999] H. Rauhe, G. Vopper, W. Banzhaf, J.C. Howard, Programmable Polymers (unpublished manuscript) ProgPoly.ps (PS 3.0, 1.4 MB), ProgPoly.ps.gz (PS 3.0, 548k)

[1996]  W. Banzhaf, P. Dittrich, H. Rauhe, Emergent computation by catalytic reactions, Nanotechnology 7 307-314. Abstract, bdr95.ps (PS 2.0, 254 k), bdr95.ps.gz (PS 2.0, 68k) 

Diploma Theses

[1999] Ein DNA Sequenzcompiler, Udo Feldkamp DAUFDNASeqComp.pdf (477k)

[1999] Molekulare Kryptographiesysteme, Christoph Richter & André Leier

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