Social Events

Dortmund is situated in Ruhr district, which is known for its long industrial tradition. In particular, the coal mining was highly developed in this area and in some points was the world's forerunner in various technologies. In the course of the structural changing of the region, many cole mineries and fabrics were closed. Some of them became museums, demonstrating the social and cultural history of coal mining and steel production in the 20th century, which still effects the whole region. One of the most interesting museums in the region is the Zollern II/IV Colliery (Zeche Zollern II/IV), the "model mine" of the beginning of the 20th century, known for its beautiful art nouveau decoration.

Conference Dinner

The workshop's Conference Dinner will take place at the museums restaurant "Pferdestall", which is situated in the former stable of the colliery.


The workshop's excursion leads to one of the most visited museums in Germany - The German Minining Museum(Das Deutsche Bergbau-Museum). Where we will have the guided tour through the museum, in particular the insight mine underneath the museum grounds.