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Tutorial for the lecture Computational Intelligence

Tutorial for the lecture Introduction to Computational Intelligence

Winter 2011/12

Wednesday 12.15 - 13.45 OH14, room 304
Wednesday 16.15 - 17.45 OH14, room 304

The lecture ist given by Günter Rudolph. The tutorial is given by Nicola Beume.
Teaching is in English.

An inpud forum is open for discussions.

The tutorials takes place bi-weekly for 2 hours, starting on 02.11.2011.

I offer an optional introduction to the programming language R on 26.10.2010 (time and rooms as above).
If you want to participate, please install R on your laptop and bring it with you.

Please read the guidelines on the format of solutions.

Information on Programming Language R

Passing the Tutorial

Handle the sheets and return your solutions after 2 weeks. Return hand-written solutions in the lecture, and send digital solutions to Nicola by e-mail as one single pdf-file (excluding source code). Always send source code (.R) via e-mail. Please follow these guidelines. Thanks.

The sheets are classified into 3 blocks according to the 3 main topics of the lecture. You need to achieve at least 50% of each block.

Present your solutions to your fellow students during the tutorial lessons.

You are welcome to work together in teams of up to three persons. Each team member has to be able to present the solutions.

Your presence during the tutorial lessons is mandatory. You may be absent only one time without medical certificate.


Block Release Return Discuss Comment
Sheet 1 A 19.10.2011 handwritten: 02.11.2011, 9 a.m., (OH14, room 233, 239, or 232)
E-Mail: 01.11.2011, 9 a.m.
02.11.2011 testset1.txt testset2.txt testset3.txt
Solution by Daniel/Mika, Dinh
Sheet 2 A 02.11.2011 15.11.2011 16.11.2011 clusters.txt Solution by Michael
Sheet 3 B 09.11.2011 23.11.2011 30.11.2011
Sheet 4 B 23.11.2011 07.12.2011 14.12.2011 Solution by Daniel
Sheet 5 C 07.12.2011 09.01.2012, 10 a.m. 11.01.2012 fuzzy-clusters.txt (data separated by tab stops)
Sheet 6 C 11.01.2012 23.01.2012 25.01.2012

Last Update 10.01.2012

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