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elcome to my site on the Chair of Algorithm Engineering (Ls11) web server. Here, you find some pages dealing with my research activities and projects, and some basic information about myself. Although the publication page is regularly updated, it may happen that a current article is missing. For any questions or comments regarding these or other published items, you find a convenient mail button on the upper right edge of this page.

At first, I would like to explain the multiple language concept: a lot of pages are available in German and English. The language setting you adjusted in your browser (or the default if you did not do it) is automatically selected as your display language.

In case this setting is wrong for you, please use the flag buttons on the top line to adjust it. For further viewing, it will be remembered whithin my webspace. Some pages however are only available in one language, English or German, and will of course be displayed only as they are, regardless of your language setting.


publications 2008/2009 added
publications 2007 added, minor updates
publications 2006 and important tech reports added
Research Programme updated
New room number: 234, new phone number: 7705
publications 2005 added
publications 2004 added
some smaller bugs corrected

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