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Basic Concepts of Evolutionary Computation

Computational Brittleness and the Evolution of Computer Viruses 2
Paul-Michael Agapow
Evolutionary Computing in Multi-Agent Environments: Speciation and Symbiogenesis 12
Lawrence Bull and Terence C. Fogarty
Evolution Strategies with Subjective Selection 22
Michael Herdy
Emergent Cooperation for Multiple Agents Using Genetic
Programming 32
Hitoshi Iba
Evolution Programs Evolved 42
Christian Jacob
Encoding Scheme Issues for Open-Ended Artificial Evolution 52
Nick Jakobi
Hardware Evolution at Function Level 62
Masahiro Murakawa, Shuji Yoshizawa, Isamu Kajitani, Tatsumi Furuya, Masaya Iwata, and Tetsuya Higuchi
Coevolutionary Life-Time Learning 72
Jan Paredis
Genetic Programs and Co-Evolution: Developing Robust General
Purpose Controllers Using Local Mating in 2-Dimensional Populations 81
Andreas Ronge and Mats G. Nordahl
Self-Assemblage of Gene Nets in Evolution via Recruiting of New
Netters 91
Alexander V. Spirov
A Survey of Intron Research in Genetics 101
Annie S. Wu and Robert K. Lindsay

Theoretical Foundations of Evolutionary

Analytical and Numerical Investigations of Evolutionary Algorithms in Continuous Spaces 112
Torsten Asselmeyer, Werner Ebeling, and Helge Rosé
On the Asymptotic Behavior of Multirecombinant Evolution
Strategies 122
Hans-Georg Beyer
Are Long Path Problems Hard for Genetic Algorithms ? 134
Christian Höhn and Colin Reeves
Random Tree Generation for Genetic Programming 144
Hitoshi Iba
Implicit Formae in Genetic Algorithms 154
Márk Jelasity and József Dombi
A Probabilistic Database Approach to the Analysis of Genetic
Algorithms 164
Anil Menon, Kishan Mehrotra, Chilukuri K. Mohan, and Sanjay Ranka
Mean Field Analysis of Tournament Selection on a Random Manifold 174
Lutz Molgedey
From Recombination of Genes to the Estimation of Distributions: I. Binary Parameters 178
Heinz Mühlenbein and Gerhard Paaß
From Recombination of Genes to the Estimation of Distributions: II. Continuous Parameters 188
Heinz Mühlenbein, Jürgen Bendisch, and Hans-Michael Voigt
Searching in the Presence of Noise 198
Soraya Rana, L. Darrell Whitley, and Ronald Cogswell
The Density of States - A Measure of the Difficulty of Optimisation Problems 208
Helge Rosé, Werner Ebeling, and Torsten Asselmeyer
On Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms and Stochastic Mealy
Automata 218
Günter Rudolph
The Influence of Different Coding Schemes on the Computational
Complexity of Genetic Algorithms in Function Optimization 227
Ralf Salomon
An Analysis of the Effects of Neighborhood Size and Shape on Local Selection Algorithms 236
Jayshree Sarma and Kenneth De Jong
Evolutionary Computation at the Edge of Feasibility 245
Marc Schoenauer and Zbigniew Michalewicz
Dimensional Analysis of Allele-Wise Mixing Revisited 255
Dirk Thierens
Gaussian Diffusion in a Simple Genetic Algorithm 266
Stefan Voget
Erroneous Truncation Selection - A Breeder's Decision Making
Perspective 276
Hans-Michael Voigt and Heinz Mühlenbein

Modifications and Extensions of Evolutionary

Genetic Operators and Problem Representation

New Crossover Methods for Sequencing Problems 290
Tolga Asveren and Paul Molitor
The Effect of Extensive Use of the Mutation Operator on
Generalization in Genetic Programming Using Sparse Data Sets 300
Wolfgang Banzhaf, Frank D. Francone, and Peter Nordin
On Permutation Representations for Scheduling Problems 310
Christian Bierwirth, Dirk C. Mattfeld, and Herbert Kopfer
Multi-Parent's Niche: n-ary Crossovers on NK-Landscapes 319
A.E. Eiben and C.A. Schippers
A Preliminary Investigation into Directed Mutations in Evolutionary Algorithms 329
Adam Ghozeil and David B. Fogel
Heuristic Crossovers for Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms Based on Fuzzy Connectives 336
Francisco Herrera and Manuel Lozano
Are Evolutionary Algorithms Improved by Large Mutations ? 346
Cornelia Kappler
Mutation by Imitation in Boolean Evolution Strategies 356
Michèle Sebag and Marc Schoenauer
Formal Algorithms + Formal Representations = Search Strategies 366
Patrick D. Surry and Nicholas J. Radcliffe
A Genetic Algorithm with Variable Range of Local Search for Tracking Changing Environments 376
Frank Vavak, Terence C. Fogarty, and K. Jukes

Adaptation, Niching, and Isolation in Evolutionary

An Evolution Strategy with Adaptation of the Step Sizes by a Variance Function 388
Joachim Born
Every Niching Method has its Niche: Fitness Sharing and Implicit Sharing Compared 398
Paul Darwen and Xin Yao
Effects of Isolation in a Distributed Population Genetic Algorithm 408
Ian R. East and Jon Rowe
Self-Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Numeric Functions 420
Robert Hinterding, Zbigniew Michalewicz, and T.C. Peachey
Niche Search: An Evolutionary Algorithm for Global Optimisation 430
João Pedro Pedroso
Adaptive Parameterised Evolutionary Systems: Self Adaptive
Recombination and Mutation in a Genetic Algorithm 441
Jim E. Smith and Terence C. Fogarty
Obtaining Multiple Distinct Solutions with Genetic Algorithm Niching Methods 451
Alasdair Turner, David Corne, Graeme Ritchie, and Peter Ross
Cost Based Operator Rate Adaption: An Investigation 461
Andrew Tuson and Peter Ross

Further Modifications and Extensions

Genetic Algorithms and Relational Landscapes 472
Philippe Collard, Cathy Escazut, and Alessio Gaspar
IOGA: An Instance-Oriented Genetic Algorithm 482
Richard S. Forsyth
Explicit Filtering of Building Blocks for Genetic Algorithms 494
Kees C.H.M. van Kemenade
Multi-Objective Optimization by Means of the Thermodynamical
Genetic Algorithm 504
Hajime Kita, Yasuyuki Yabumoto, Naoki Mori, and Yoshikazu Nishikawa
Adaption to a Changing Environment by Means of the
Thermodynamical Genetic Algorithm 513
Naoki Mori, Hajime Kita, and Yoshikazu Nishikawa
The Development of a Dual-Agent Strategy for Efficient Search Across Whole System Engineering Design Hierarchies 523
Ian C. Parmee
A Parallel Cellular Genetic Algorithm Used in Finite Element
Simulation 533
A. Schoneveld, J. F. de Ronde, P. M. A. Sloot, and
J. A. Kaandorp

A Robust Solution Searching Scheme in Genetic Search 543
Shigeyoshi Tsutsui, Ashish Ghosh, and Yoshiji Fujimoto

Comparison of Methods

Solving MASTER MIND Using GAs and Simulated Annealing: A Case of Dynamic Constraint Optimization 554
J.L.Bernier, C.Ilia Herráiz, J.J. Merelo, S.Olmeda, and A. Prieto
Evolving Compact Solutions in Genetic Programming: A Case Study 564
Tobias Blickle
Climbing up NP-Hard Hills 574
D. Duvivier, Philippe Preux, and E.-G. Talbi
On the Performance Assessment and Comparison of Stochastic
Multiobjective Optimizers 584
Carlos M. Fonseca, and Peter J. Fleming
Paginating the Generalized Newspaper - A Comparison of Simulated Annealing and a Heuristic Method 594
Krista Lagus, Ilkka Karanta, and Juha Ylä-Jääski
A Comparison of Optimization Techniques for Integrated
Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling 604
Malcolm McIlhagga, Phil Husbands, and Robert Ives
A Comparison of Search Techniques on a Wing-Box Optimisation Problem 614
Malcolm McIlhagga, Phil Husbands, and Robert Ives

A Comparative Study of Evolutionary Algorithms for On-Line
Parameter Tracking 624
André Neubauer

Other Metaphors

Modeling Urban Growth by Cellular Automata 636
Thomas Bäck, Holger Dörnemann, Ulrich Hammel, and Pierre Frankhauser
Democratic Optimization for Discrete and Continuous Systems 646
Frank-Michael Dittes
A Study of Some Properties of Ant-Q 656
Marco Dorigo and Luca M. Gambardella
Immunoid: An Immunological Approach to Decentralized Behavior Arbitration of Autonomous Mobile Robots 666
Akio Ishiguro, Toshiyuki Kondo, Yuji Watanabe, and Yoshiki Uchikawa
Parallelizable Evolutionary Dynamics Principles for Solving the
Maximum Clique Problem 676
Marcello Pelillo and Immanuel M. Bomze
Significance of Locality and Selection Pressure in the Grand Deluge Evolutionary Algorithm 686
Günter Rudolph and Joachim Sprave
Parallel Computing with DNA: Toward the Anti-Universal Machine 696
Klaus-Peter Zauner and Michael Conrad

Applications of Evolutionary Computation

Evolutionary Computation in Machine Learning, Neural
Networks, and Fuzzy Systems

Tackling the "Curse of Dimensionality" of Radial Basis Function
Neural Networks Using a Genetic Algorithm 710
Brian Carse and Terence C. Fogarty
A Three-Stage Method for Designing Genetic Fuzzy Systems by
Learning from Examples 720
Oscar Cordón, Francisco Herrera, and Manuel Lozano
Learning Heuristics for OBDD Minimization by Evolutionary
Algorithms 730
Rolf Drechsler, Nicole Göckel, and Bernd Becker
Improving the Generalization Performance of Multi-Layer-Perceptrons with Population-Based Incremental Learning 740
Elvis Galic and Markus Höhfeld
Robust GP in Robot Learning 751
Naohiro Hondo, Hitoshi Iba, and Yukinori Kakazu
A Pattern Recognition System Using Evolvable Hardware 761
Masaya Iwata, Isamu Kajitani, Hitoshi Yamada, Hitoshi Iba, and Tetsuya Higuchi
Topology Design of Feedforward Neural Networks by Genetic
Algorithms 771
Slawomir W. Stepniewski and Andy J.Keane
An Evolution Strategy for On-line Optimisation of Dynamic Objective Functions 781
Charles C. W. Sullivan and A.G. Pipe

Evolutionary Computation in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering

Exploiting Competing Subpopulations for Automatic Generation of Test Sequences for Digital Cicuits 792
Fulvio Corno, Paolo Prinetto, Maurizio Rebaudengo, and Matteo Sonza Reorda
Constraint Handling in Evolutionary Search: A Case Study of the Frequency Assignment 801
Raphaël Dorne and Jin-Kao Hao
An Application of Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks to Scheduling Power Generating Systems 811
Claus Hillermeier and Joachim Keppler
Evolutionary Algorithms for the Calculation of Electron Distributions in Si-MOSFETs 819
Jürgen Jakumeit
Refueling of a Nuclear Power Plant: Comparison of a Naive and a Specialized Mutation Operator 829
Cornelia Kappler, Thomas Bäck, Jürgen Heistermann,
A. Van der Velde, and M. Zamparelli

Genetic Algorithms Applied to the Physical Design of VLSI Circuits: A Survey 839
Jens Lienig and James P. Cohoon

Stochastic Methods for Transistor Size Optimization of CMOS VLSI Circuits 849
Robert Rogenmoser, Hubert Kaeslin, and Tobias Blickle
An Adaptive Parallel Genetic Algorithm for VLSI-Layout
Optimization 859
Volker Schnecke and Oliver Vornberger

Evolutionary Computation in Computer Science and
Operations Research

Genetic Algorithms for Protocol Validation 870
Enrique Alba and José M. Troya
Constraint Handling for the Fault Coverage Code Generation Problem: An Inductive Evolutionary Approach 880
George Bilchev and Ian Parmee
New Genetic Local Search Operators for the Traveling Salesman
Problem 890
Bernd Freisleben and Peter Merz
An Evolutionary Approach to Hardware/Software Partitioning 900
Xiaobo (Sharon) Hu, Garrison W. Greenwood, and Joseph G. D'Ambrosio
Evolutionary Air Traffic Flow Management for Large 3D-problems 910
Kees C.H.M. van Kemenade, J.M. van den Akker, J.N. Kok
Genetic-Based Dynamic Load Balancing: Implementation and
Evaluation 920
Masaharu Munetomo, Yoshiaki Takai, and Yoshiharu Sato
Production Scheduling with Genetic Algorithms and Simulation 930
Gerhard Niemeyer and Patricia Shiroma
Network Optimization Using Evolutionary Strategies 940
Frank Schweitzer, Werner Ebeling, Helge Rosé, and O. Weiss
Co-evolving Parallel Random Number Generators 950
Moshe Sipper and Marco Tomassini
Scheduling by Genetic Local Search with Multi-Step Crossover 960
Takeshi Yamada and Ryohei Nakano

Evolutionary Computation in Mechanical, Chemical,
Biological, and Optical Engineering

Finding the Conformation of Organic Molecules with Genetic
Algorithms 972
Susanne Beiersdörfer, Jens Schmitt, Markus Sauer, Andreas Schulz, Stefan Siebert, Jürgen Hesser, Reinhard Männer, and Jürgen Wolfrum
Investigating a Parallel Breeder Genetic Algorithm on the Inverse Aerodynamic Design 982
Ivanoe De Falco, A. Della Cioppa, R. Del Balio, and E. Tarantino
An Evolutionary Design for Lenses 992
Yoshiji Fujimoto, Masato Nishiguchi, Kenichi Nomoto, Kensuke Takahashi, and Shigeyoshi Tsutsui
Optimization of Heat Exchanger Networks by Means of Evolution Strategies 1002
Bernd Groß, Ulrich Hammel, Peter Maldaner, Andreas Meyer, Peter Roosen and Martin Schütz
Industrial Plant Pipe-Route Optimisation with Genetic Algorithms 1012
Dae Gyu Kim, David Corne, and Peter Ross
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Design Optimization of Microsystems 1022
M. Gorges-Schleuter, W. Jakob, S. Meinzer, A. Quinte, W. Süß, and H. Eggert
A Learning Classifier System for Three-Dimensional Shape
Optimization 1032
Robert A. Richards and Sheri D. Sheppard

Author Index 1043

Subject Index 1047

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